Monday, July 8, 2013

Go Mobile To Keep Fertile – It’s The New Marketing Way

To make your business successful has always required an element of keeping up with social trends and shifting markets as well as keeping abreast of economic developments.

Well you’d have to be pretty much a business hermit if you didn’t already know that in this day of ever advancing technology, the new watchword in marketing is “mobility.”

There are two meanings to that phrase:

You need to adapt to the idea that your business is a mobile venture, that it can go anywhere in the world and be accessed by an almost unimaginable amount of customers

The fact is 35% of all Web surfing takes place via mobile devices such as phones, and tablets

That fact is actually relatively new so it is not surprising if you have not come across that before or even realised just how vast online consumerism is.

But here is another – according to Google a staggering 67% of consumers surveyed in one of their studies expressed a preference for making purchases online from websites that are easily and securely accessible through a mobile device as opposed to at home or the office on a laptop.

And that trend you can be sure is set to grow exponentially over the next few years.

So what do you need to do then?

Get in touch with your seo copywriting services and get them to help you get your business on board the mobile marketing bandwagon NOW before you miss out.

You can do that by getting familiar with the following three mobile marketing tools:

QR Codes – a bit like conventional barcodes, these are codes that can be scanned by smartphones and android mobile devices which basically take the consumer straight to a company’s website without the consumer having to type or copy/paste URL’s into search engine

Facebook Mobile Ads – FB has a staggering 700 million people around the world accessing their FB pages and friends’ pages via a mobile device, thus businesses everywhere are clamouring to establish an online presence that can maximise this huge customer market with advertising, features and promotions

Yelp – this business directory and reviews website regularly tops 86 million hits a month and is another extremely popular resource mobile users favour for doing their business, shopping and making purchases

So, go mobile to keep your business fertile – as you can see it’s the new and maybe only marketing way.

By Mitch Wicking

A journalist and reporter for many years Mitch enjoys investigating Life's little wonders for, WebSearch SEO and many other topics like Is Link Building Still a Number Game?. To know more about Mitch, you can connect with him though his Google Plus. Born and bred in London, father-of-three Mitch now lives and works aboard a beautiful narrow boat on a peaceful marina in the heart of England which he shares with his Leicester “duck”/muse.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Warning Signs Your SEO Provider Isn’t Taking the Organic Route

Most SEO services on the market today are probably wise enough not to promote themselves as black-hat or automated SEO advocates, but this doesn’t mean that behind closed doors this isn’t exactly what’s going on. As such, it’s sadly a case of businesses having to be a little on the wary side when it comes to certain danger signs and keeping tabs on whether or not all is as it appears to be.

And of course, it’s much easier to decipher what’s what before signing up in the first place, despite having to see through smoke and mirrors to do so.

Here’s a look at just three very simple examples of how you might be able to tell that something’s awry with a SEO provider’s approach:

Fixed Package Promises

The thing about organic SEO is that while it is indeed possible to promise and deliver positive results it isn’t even remotely possible to promise an exact position in the Google results pecking order – i.e. number one. As such, it’s usually a safe bet to assume that any provider advertising guaranteed first place positions or continually reassuring you that you will get to number one isn’t being entirely honest with you and could by rights be straying wildly from organic SEO.

Fixed Duration

Next up, organic SEO can deliver superb results for any business, though takes considerable time to take effect and mature. It cannot be rushed and results cannot be guaranteed in a short time, which in turn means that those SEO providers promising the world and all it offers overnight on a silver platter are again being rather creative with the truth. Chances are they’re favouring spamming techniques, which could quite frankly be your undoing.

Falling Fast

And finally, if for what seems to be no reason whatsoever you’re falling down the results rankings order rather on the swift side, it might be time to question exactly what approach the SEO provider is taking. After all, whatever it is they’re doing isn’t working and it could turn out to be non-organic SEO that’s resulting in punishment, rather than credit.

By Lisa Morton

Lisa Morton is an organic SEO specialist from Brighton who is actively promoting white-hat approaches when it comes to online marketing.